Moneta Market Forex Broker Review 2022 | is Moneta Market is Best Broker for Trading

Moneta Market review– Today we will go for the review of  Moneta markets  Which is becoming a leading financial CFD provider in Australia and All over the world. In this  review we will go for Moneta  market top to bottom analysis. IN which we will know what are the product benefits Moneta market provide and also so where does it stand In this competitive forex market.

Who is the Founder And CEO of Moneta Markets?

David Bily was  the head of marketing and partnership department in vintage FX  for over 10 years of his tenure. David Bily Story is very inspiring because he just started with the sales desk in 2011. where vintage FX  was a very small CFD broker. During this decade tenure David contribution in vintage effects was massive and in 10 years the companies have grown from a small desk office  to a big massive CFD contract provider all over the world. but why David resigned from vintage fx  by having a great career in this field. After working for this long David Bily  has decided to launch his own brokerage firm Called as Moneta markets.

It was with the partnership of vintage FX. While giving his interview to Yahoo news David have said that it’s been a while working with vintage FX and now he wants to do something on   his own  that’s why he started Moneta markets .In recent years Moneta market was performing Under vintage group But after a massive success rate Now David have Exit from Vintage group and Started Moneta as a Single Entity where he will Now Lead this Forex Brokerage Firm on His Own.

Why Moneta Markets Breaks Partnership With Vantage FX.

Moneta market started by David bily founder and CEO while David was in Vintage fx he also made his own Brokerage firm called as Moneta markets which also was under vintage FX for long period of time and now David have shifted on his own way and have started his own Brokerage firm which is a massive success in just couple of months. David always wanted to start something on his own now Moneta have performed well for him and David have taken his own path in forex Broker industry. Moneta market have shown good customers Rise and now people are Getting into this platform because of its Trust and Tech driven Forex Trading products.

Does Moneta Market is a Regulated Broker?

when people choose Broker they see From where this Broker is regulated and how safe are the traders who joins the broker and put there hard earn money. well in Moneta markets you get to see Three regulators which regulates this broker and have high level of trust.

  • FSCA
  • ASIC

The FSCA (Financial sector conduct Authority Of south Africa) Moneta broker has a trading name under this regulation is Moneta markets south Africa (PYT) ltd is registered under the license number 47090.

SVGFSA (saint Vincent and grenadines financial services authority) Regulated under the SVGFSA Moneta broker is registered under the Registration number 2052 LLC 2022.

ASIC (Australian securities and investments commission) under the name of Moneta market (PVT) Ltd. the Australian Financial service license AFSL is 481024.

These Three Regulations makes This broker Safe and secure for Trading and investment propose. These regulators always watch broker activities and if clients have any complaint against the broker they can contact this authorities.

The Best Thing about Moneta markets is that it was a custodian Bank which have All clients Funds with AA rated bank National Australia Bank .This custodian bank take cares of clients funds to ensure that clients funds are safe in there hands. This custodian bank is the 4th largest institutional bank in Australia with market cap above 90 Billion and has more than 10 million customers in hand. which makes the Bank in top of the financial banks which takes cares of people funds.

What are the Trading Instruments Available on Moneta Markets

Moneta markets provides with More Than 45+ Trading currency pairs, 653 Shares of most countries like US, UK, and Euro Share. Trade stocks like apple amazon and other big giants. its also provides you with more than 15 most traded index ( indices to trade) like US30, US100(NAS), Nikkei, DAX, SNP500, Hang sang, and more .Also with the commodity option of in commodity also Moneta market offers you with 15 Most liquid traded commodities like oil, Gold, Gas , Orange juice, Coffee and more. This large scale of Instruments gives Trader a wide range of Choices while going to trade.

How much leverage Does Moneta Market provide on Trading

Leverage is the Tool that can give the trader an edge of making more decent profits but it is a two edge sward that also can make you injured or make your positions in loss heavily. if you can’t use it well then market will teach you a lesson by blowing up trader account. Market regulators have set the margin level to a very basic level and in terms of the level of leverage Moneta provides to its clients is 1:500 which is a standard level but we will recommend to set 1:50 leverage in your starting days for beginners.

Which liquidity is provided by Moneta markets A Book or B Book?

Moneta Market uses A Book liquidity provider and to fill orders it uses real liquidity which is a plus point on going with this broker the major liquidity provider for Moneta are City Banks, Gold man sacs, JP Morgan, HSBC, RBS and Numora and Suisse. This are the major liquidity providers who makes real Trading by filling real markets orders on behalf of your Broker. The Best thing we found was that the order filling speed of this broker is Below 250 MS which is very standard speed In the industry. Below is the Example of How the A Book And B Book liquidity Works.

A Book and B Book liquidity

Moneta markets Fees, spreads, commission, and swap charges?

when broker have multiple Partners who provide liquidity there is a good chance of low spread even zero spread and no swap charges and less commission. Before going with the broker a retail Trader has to look into what kind of spread and charges does the broker charge? Lets check what are the charges and fees which Moneta market charges from its traders.

Spreads- Spreads are 0.0 pips on more than 900 plus instruments and also with major institutions the spreads are controlled even in highly volatile market. Here are some of the spreads on forex and other instruments-




US 3020.1912.8520.1012.10



Commissions- In STP basis there are zero commission on forex on per 0.01 lot size. True ECN have charges which are very low and very competitive in market nature so that Trader can pay less commission and Trade in market.

swap charges- Swap charges in Moneta markets are very less and reasonable. These are the rates charged on holding a currency or instruments based on the market situations swap rates are decided. swap charges are decided by the major institutions which give liquidity to the broker. How to see Swap charges in your meta Trader platform 1) Go to view 2) Then Go for market watch and select symbols 3) then choose instruments and properties here is how you can watch the swap charges.

Trading platforms Available on Moneta Markets?

Trading platforms are very important for a broker to give its clients better place to trade. There are many trading platforms like C trader, Meta Trader, And pro Trader. Among this the widely used platforms are Meta Trader 4 (MT4), and pro Trader. lets see what are the Trading platforms which is offered by Moneta markets.

  • Meta Trader 4
  • Pro Trader ( Trading view)

Meta Trader 4 or MT4 is widely used by retail Traders as it gives many features which are very useful for Trading from order placing to Chart Reading. Meta Trader 4 is Always being on the top choice of Traders because of the features that they get on this platforms Moneta market provides MT4 And well as MT5 platforms. and also while for those who do there chart analysis on Trading view can also Trade with the Pro Trader platforms. pro Trader gives Trading view chart for better chart reading by which a trader can have Tech Driven charting and order placing platforms.

Positive and Negatives side of Moneta Markets

positive side (Pros)

  • Institutional liquidity provider A Book Order flow
  • spreads are from raw 0.00 pips and swaps are low in Pure ECN/ prime ECN spreads.
  • 1000 plus instruments provided with majors pairs and indices and shares of big companies
  • Have Regulated and Have a custodian Bank Of Australia which handles the funds and keep money safe.
  • Easy account setup and get premium Trading platforms like pro trader and MT4 and MT5

Negative side (cons)

  • US clients cant open there account Moneta not accepting clients from US.
  • minimum deposit is 50 while others brokers have 10 or 20 dollars
  • price on stocks CFD are Little high.

Does Moneta Market offer Deposit Or Any No deposit Bonus?

Currently Moneta Market is having a Bonus for its new clients and that’s Rescue Deposit Bonus. what this deposit bonus is all about is if a Trader supposes say deposited 1000 Dollars or more And lost like 75% of your initial deposit capital then here comes the rescue bonus which will give you the 25% extra amount of your next deposit. like after losing 75% of 1000 Dollars now you can get 25% more of your deposit to keep you on track next time. you can take this bonus as many times as you want with No maximum capital limit on your side.

This bonus will help Traders to Trade with extra capital provided by broker but with this Rescue bonus only Traders can Trade not withdraw the amount. so if your Opening account here and by chance due to market volatility you loose most of your capital remember to take rescue deposit at your next time of deposit which will give you extra Trading capital.

what are the Different Accounts Types in Moneta Markets

This Broker provides you with Two Types of account which are Named as Direct STP and Prime ECN let’s us discuss what are the account types and what are There Advantages For using.



What are the Customer support ways in Moneta markets?

For any broker there customer support shows how they are good at helping there Traders because when there is immediate response from there side a person can have relief on this regarding any issue to money. Moneta market have usually three types of support which they provide to you first is via Email support for Normal queries. The second is with via the chat support system which works 24×7 and you can place your query at any time or day in this. next is your Telephonic way of contact directly to Moneta market. Moneta market as per our research on having support from Them have responded very well and there chat support is also well organized and they reply in time.

Trading Resources Provided by Moneta Markets?

There are some amazing Trading resources provided by Moneta markets for those who use there platform to trade. this types of amazing resources not only Educate people about Forex but also it creates a infrastructure on broker platform where a broker can also Teach forex Trading with Good given infrastructure to trade. This Are the Few Tools Provided for Retail Trader by Moneta markets.

  • Economic Calendar
    • Can be very useful in predicting market Volatility and Major Global events
    • Traders can have there Positions well managed before any economic situations.
    • Very important for Investors and Other Timeframe Traders.
  • Forex sentiment report
    • Its know as the Technical sentimental indicator where Traders Judge Buy or sell ratings
    • its makes a report based on buy and sell report
    • This report gives traders an edge while Trading and making positions.
  • Market news report
    • This news reports says about the latest news that happens in market
    • Moneta has its own news TV called as Moneta TV
    • and also Provide news from new York
    • stock exchange as you can see on market news report.
  • Calculators
    • Forex Calculator gives you an edge on calculating Fib levels.
    • Easy to calculate extension and fib of any given instruments
    • Also Has pivot And currency Convertors and exchange rate calculator
  • Markets Masters
    • Made for new traders who joins Moneta market To educate people
    • Market masters are premium courses which helps New traders to understand Trading
    • From Basic, Technical analysis and more market education premium course.
  • Dupli Trade
    • Just flowing Prop Traders Trades
    • Dupli trader allows Traders to follow top traders.
    • just follow there analysis and open trade.
  • Forex VPS
    • Traders can get free VPS Hosting for M and MT
    • VPS Gives faster speed and other current order flow stability.
    • Enables fast execution speed and makes EA trading stable.
  • Zero Swap Gold
    • Trade Gold With No swap with ECN Account
    • No swap no placing trade for long term with Low spread.
  • Daily Market Update
    • Daily market update to make Traders aware of what’s happening in market
    • Makes Trading easy with daily update for predicting market next move
  • pro Trader Tools
    • Market Buzz – AI market news tracker with market latest news update.
    • Featured ideas- Get idea of setup and other Trading fundamental knowledge of market.
    • Economic calendar – Responsive economic calendar with Economic events

How Much minimum Deposit Is Needed To Start Trading With Moneta Market?

Trader need to only Deposit 50 Dollars or more in order to start Trading with Moneta Markets this amount is reasonable because if you have like 10 Dollars if you still open 0.05 lot size in Gold there is a high chance of blowing that account very easy. so having a basic deposit of 50 makes you try this platform and also Learn to trade through Trading terminal. I would suggest you to start with 100 USD minimum deposit in order to achieve or Trading goals and Learning forex Trading but do not take lot size more than 0.02 in any Instrument for 6 months first learn then earn.



Q:- How long Does Moneta Markets takes To withdraw Funds?

Ans:- Maximum 2-3 days due to bounded by the regulations.

Q:- what is Moneta market minimum deposit?

Ans:- 50 USD

Q:-Moneta market Account Types?

Ans:- Two types of accounts STP And ECN

Q:-is Moneta market legit Broker?

Ans:- It was under Vintage Group and its CEO is former vintage broker employ.


As we have review Moneta markets we came to know about its history and what types of products does it offers and moreover we came to know it saves our fund in Top rated bank in segregated account. In my View Moneta market is Emerging as an Broker with Tech Driven Technology and Its CEO is Currently making so much To make this platform a complete package for Forex traders. please provide your valuable feed back How your experience was with this broker.

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