Apple App Store Removes Meta Trader 4 And Meta Trader 5/ what should be your Plan for it?

When People Talk About Forex Trading the most Used Platforms Comes to Mind are Meta Trader 4 And Meta Trader 5 Which are Owned By the Meta Quote Software crop A Russian company that develops software for Forex Trading. Its two Best products are Meta Trader 4 And Later they Came With Meta Trader 5. But The most popular One is the Meta Trader 4 In which people can run their algorithmic Trading And Develop there own Trading strategies under MQSOL Programming Language. Meta Trader platform has always been with the Trading Community for Life Long and They Have produced the Best forex Sever Terminal in the world when it comes to trading Forex Market. let’s Look into the picture and see why it’s Banned.

Why Apple Store Banned Meta Trader Platforms From IOS store?

As we know Apple is an American Company And They have hosted Meta Trader Platforms in their App store. Questions drop into our minds While everything was great It has been there for almost more than decades why suddenly apple banned these platforms overnight? The main Answer Lies In the War perspective where There is a war going on Between Russia and Ukraine. And America is imposing sensations on Russia. Several Entities like Meta Trader Platforms Are Getting Hit By US Big tech Companies As they Are Getting Banned. Meta Trader is a universal platform for Forex Traders World Wide And getting Banned From the IOS store Is a major Set back for it. This war could be a Reason for Meta Quotes being Banned from Apple Store. It’s Been On several Platforms that the CEO of meta Quotes is Involved in Moving Funds Outside Russia ( Not Confirmed). During War Time These Platforms Are Best for Getting Funds Out of the countries But it Its Not Confirmed And Still the investigation is going on. Also, US CFD Brokers who were regulated are not given access to these platforms anymore.

How you can Run Meta Trader 4 And 5 Even if It’s Banned On Apple Devices?

If you still want to Access Meta Trader 4 And 5 In Your Apple devices This Are the Things You Should Avoid From The Apps to stop working. The First Thing You Should Not Do is the Software Update Meta Trader Because it will stop the App from Running. And secondly, You should not uninstall the App because it’s Not on their platform Now. Stop running any update if you want to use it after the banned. This Are the only Few Things that a Trader Can Try And hope this issue will Be resolved in the upcoming months or years. Still, Traders And access the Desktop Version of the Meta Trader Platforms The web version have not been banned and are available.

What Are the Best Alternatives Of Meta Trader Platforms?

The trading community is Not Hoping this issue can be solved In any near time this issue can bring some red alert issues to the Forex Trading community. With Many users Using MT4 and MT5 In IOS platforms. This are the current alternatives to Meta Trader Platforms.

  • Trading View
  • C Trader
  • e Toro

I will suggest IOS Users of meta Traders go with these Trading Platforms after Meta trader platforms are the most Trusted Trading platforms Which Are getting Tractions From Traders World Wide. Trading View is the Best of the Other Two platforms as it gives Access to its great charting software where a trader can also have a look at Trading view best charts and also can Go for Trading and place orders at the same time. Trading View is not offered by every broker but many Are looking to bring Trading View into their Platforms. People can look for other two options as many Retail Traders Go with the C Trader and also e Toro.

Does People lost There Funds As Meta Traders 4 And 5 Have been Banned?

Many people Who use Meta Trader from their Apple devices are worried about the Funds They have Deposited to Trade Forex Markets. Many people are thinking that they also lost their funds as meta traders are no longer supported on apple platforms. But the real thing is that your funds are safe with the Broker from which you have opened your Trading Account. Meta Trader is just A platform in which you place your Trade the Actual Equity which shows under Meta Trader is Just The reflection is a balance of your Broker which shows you your funds. Meta Trader only uses it to Place orders and Everything else. Meta Trader does not deal with your funds. Your Broker and Meta Trader Have Only Deals on providing Traders with Better Platforms to Trade.

Meta Trader Platforms Deals With Only Providing You with The Trading Platforms Which Will Have the Best Functions And Can give Traders with Edge with their Trading Weather it’s On placing Trades Or Having the World’s Best Platforms to Run Algorithmic Trading Also People Can develop Strategies which are done through there Source software. meta Trader does not Have Any options To Add or withdraw your funds To You. only the broker With whom you have a trading account has the right to add or withdraw your funds to your trading account.


Q:- Does Meta Trader supports on Android?

Ans:- YES

Q:- Does Meta Trader manage your Fund Balance?

Ans:- No only Broker Have the right to manage it

Q:- Meta Trader Support Algo Trading?

Ans:-Yes Meta Trader Support Algo Trading

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