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I know you are so excited to know what coins will Take Bitcoin in near future or Have the potential to beat the bitcoin Record. As we are approaching the end of 2022. Bitcoins investors are making buying on the dip. After bitcoin made a huge fall many says it was a sham or a Pyramid system that will burst at any time but now while Huge wales are Purchasing Bitcoin and Betting it to go up to 100X shortly But I must say that bitcoin was never been a scam when its value was close to nothing people never get expected it to touch $ 60000 but it Did And Now coming Back to Our topic will Other Coins will Make this Will Coins which have a great ecosystem Have the Potential to even beat Bitcoin. Let’s see which coins that Have the potential to Beat Bitcoin and Win the race to Make its investor Rich. This Are Some Few Coins That have started Taking Boost and Gaining strength from investors while Bitcoin is on 20K.

  1. XRP
  2. Terra Luna
  3. Cardano
  4. Solana
  5. Polka dot
  6. Quant Network

XRP Ripple

XRP is made for payment proposes where The CEO of ripple says it’s made to do Transactions all over the Places. Through this Coin, a person can do a Transaction in any exchange by just giving a small fee for the transaction. the Fee is called a Gas Fee which is 0.00001 XRP per transaction. What it gives you is it cuts the Huge Transaction charges which are charged by the banks for making transactions in millions one can send way more money by just paying a small fraction of XRP.

Terra Luna

Luna Has seen a Big Crash in 2022 and its price where almost To the Lowest point some people say almost 60 billion was gone from the pocket of investors while Investing in Terra Luna. But it does Kwon’s CEO Always has a plan to save it from Going to the Red zone so He started massively burning crypto Luna and what happened was a sudden rise of its value. Terra Luna is still at its lowest point but one can see value investing from the lowest point that’s why crypto is the Biggest volatile asset in the history of mankind. Terra Luna was projected as stable coins but due to the massive drawdown of investors now everyone is pulling back.


Cardano is becoming a very famous coin in the crypto market as we know Cardano stands in the third generation coin setup which makes it technology driven. see investing in an older version of the coin does not make sense while you have something that is more productive being from the Ethereum chain Cardano works very well on decentralize exchanges and its mining protocol makes it even better on comparing it with the other blockchain networks. cardano stands for its sustainability and it gives the special right to its miner to mine for other people. Cardano has a great system which is called as orabura system which helps it to make it even better and sustaining coin. this system helps it to save a lot of energy and computer power which makes it energy efficient.


Another Great crypto that have shown that New generation crypto can rule the world and in that position comes Solana lets see what is Solana and what are the key features does this coin have. first of all this coin has a Blockchain Time or call Block time of 400 Milliseconds on comparing to Ethereum blockchain which have 10 second of block Timer. Solana makes itself so great on delivering 710000 Transactions on its block per second that’s even better and faster than any other crypto on the planet. Any one can also stake Solana coin there is open proof of stake in this ecosystem which makes people to participate more and make its price sky rocketing.

Polka Dot

Crypto world needs a system which connects all the chains to each other polka dot is a blockchain that connects all the different coins and blockchains. as polka dot got its name from connecting the Dot or making a group of chains of crypto. it creates a map of crypto currency think in this way all the cryptos are stars in cosmos and polka dot connects each of them and makes perfect crypto eco system which is called crypto Dot connector or its filling the Gap which was a huge problem for the industry.

Quant Network

The Quant Network made to solve some very serious issues which are there for many years in crypto world. the main focus of Quant network is to make a framework in which the quant ledger of all the Transactions and coins can be equally distributed. take it as a computer system that can operates or controls all of the block chains it also means that regulators can now see some transparency by which the world now can take crypto transactions as legit transactions and Banks and country’s can track every transactions and this can make this eco system to run for years.


Q:- Does cardano have unlimited supply?

Ans:- No it has a limited supply

Q:- Which coins hold all other blockchain info?

Ans:- Quant Network

Q:-What is polka dot name meaning?

Ans:- It means connecting all the blocks on internet.

Q:- Does Ethereum have all transaction details of its sub coins?

Ans:- Yes it does record it


Today in this article We have gone though all of the coins or networks which have the eco system to take bitcoin’s popularity. what are your thoughts on this and how do you see the growth of this network in future? please comment and share your review for more growth of the investor bano team and for creating valid information.

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